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I am Jacinda the owner and travel curator of JMac Travel.


 My love for travel began when I was a young girl. I was fortunate enough to travel to various destinations with my family which ignited my passion to continue traveling, exploring and discovering.


Growing up, I was the “unofficial” travel agent, making the travel plans for her circle of family and friends. This budding hobby and passion turned into reality in 2016, with the support and blessings of my parents. 


As your experienced, luxury curator specializing in luxury group and couple experiences, I will provide you with stellar service  creating a match made in travel.

It's time to get away!

What Clients Say...

JMac Travel is so professional. They listen well. They work hard to get you exactly what you ask for. They also go the extra mile for you. Now that's why I only give my travel business to JMac Travel. Trust and believe, you won't be disappointed!


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